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Leveraging the power of interpersonal communication skills to improve outcomes.

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Why do the Words you use with patients matter?

The evolving science of interpersonal neurophysiology gives us insights into how the relationship between a healthcare provider and the patient can change the outcome. The words you use and how you use them create an experience that can either facilitate or hinder your treatment.  Although this seems obvious to some, many organizations fail to integrate these essential skills into the patient experience.  The human brain is a complex meaning machine and …

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“Essential skills that should be an integrated part professional medical education”


John Vakovich,  PT
AUTHOR OF “The Best Physical Therapy Experience”
Better Outcomes

Better Outcomes

Integrating the science of motivation, behavior change and relationship.

Better Engagement

Better Engagement

Dispelling the Myths of Patient Centered Care .

Better Environment

Better Environment

Skills that improve human relationships at all levels of the organization.

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Ready to Transform Your Practice?

Human communication is always happening.  Patients are consciously or subconsciously applying meaning to the words you use and the body language you present.  This fundamental component of human interaction enables us to explore all of the different ways in which you and your team may be communicating in ways that either improve the patient-provider relationship or worsens it.  The key is to know what you are communicating and why.

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