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  • The Neuroscience of Patient Engagement
  • The skills to know when your patient is “bought in” to their treatment plan and to know when they are not
  • The key reasons for provider burnout and the signs and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue
  • The surprising reasons why patients are not compliant
  • Simple methods to decrease cancelation and no-show rates

What’s the Secret to Patient Compliance?


How Do We Teach Patient Engagement Skills?

Engaging Presentation

Engaging Presentation

We guide you through the current science of engagement in a fun and interactive fashion to ensure you understand the essential foundation of Relationship-Centered CareTM

Lab Practice

Lab Practice

We learn and practice the skills that you can begin to use right away. In a fun and creative manner, you will experience how it feels to provide and receive the skills you are learning

Case Studies

Case Studies

By reviewing real-life case studies, you will gain a full appreciation of the power to patient engagement and the confidence to put these skills into practice immediately.

Here is some Feedback from the Live Training:

“Super engaging, and fun.  I never knew that you could actually describe the science of human communication in such a simple and easy to apply manner”

Jerry D.

“Excellent information that we should be teaching in every medical, nursing and physical therapy school, it truly is the foundation of a good clinical outcome”


“I was blown away.  I see my difficult patients in a whole new way and already feel excited about helping them”

Salley V.

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