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The success of your organization and its outcomes depends upon consistent and dependable process of effective engagement.  Delivering a consistent level of Patient Engagement is a team approach. When people are not working together for this common goal, patients notice!   Getting your team aligned to the desired behaviors for consistent execution requires a reflection on the Mission, Values and Beliefs of the company. From this foundation, training is designed to reflect what’s most important to your organization.  We will help you if and where there exists incongruencies and provide practical solutions to improve atmosphere, culture, environment and organizational outcomes.

With our organizational consultant, we will provide a:

  • Culture measurement tools to determine the degree to which it is relationship-centered
  • Listen carefully for root causes of performance failures
  • Match key performance indicators with relationship-centered methods
  • Custom design and implementation or organization wide relationship-centered training
  • Provide training and coaching at all levels, from C-Suite to front line employees
  • Other

Our Success Systems Process

Establish Clear Understanding of Desired Outcome

Establish Clear Understanding of Desired Outcome

In accord with the relationship centered processes that we teach, we start by listening carefully to the problems your organization is experiencing. Only after gaining a deep understanding do we move to the next step to designing the right solution for the organization.

Design a Solution to Meet Organization’s Goals

Design a Solution to Meet Organization’s Goals

The solution can range from single member coaching to organizational training. The solution is custom designed to ensure you reach your organization’s desired outcome.



Guiding key players in your organization to put relationship-centered processes in place.

Some Feedback from Former and Current Clients

“Super engaging, and fun.  I never knew that you could actually describe the science of human communication in such a simple and easy to apply manner”

Jerry D.

“Excellent information that we should be teaching in every medical, nursing and physical therapy school, it truly is the foundation of a good clinical outcome”


“I was blown away.  I see my difficult patients in a whole new way and already feel excited about helping them”

Salley V.

Common Challenges

Lack of communication between providers

High attrition

Providers not “bought in” to productivity expectations

A sense of burnout by the team

High cancellation and no-show rate

A lack of

What challenges are you experiencing?

We may have solutions! 

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