New skills that focus on the Therapeutic Alliance will improve clinical more

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New Skills for a Rapidly Changing Healthcare System

The technical skills used by providers to help patients are not enough to optimize clinical results. Even a perfectly executed procedure could fail to provide a great outcome if the patient is not fully involved in the treatment plan.  

How can you prepare patients for the best possible outcome?  What are the key attributes to a great outcome?  What language works best for which kind of patients?  How can you establish a therapeutic alliance to optimize the treatment effect?

Engaging patients in a way to optimize outcomes requires more than just communication skills.  It requires a new set of skills that increases awareness of both the patient and provider to reach the desired result.

New Skills:

  • State management and calibration 
  • Patient’s rapport with the provider and the patient
  • Interpreting verbal and non-verbal cues in the engagement process
  • Precision language to elicit specific behaviors
  • Treatment planning with a Therapeutic Alliance to optimize outcomes