It Always Begins with a Relationship

Executive Coaching

  • Personalized and confidential engagement process
  • A Relationship-Centered approach providing a challenging and supportive process of discovery
  • Collaborative, insightful, and effective
  • Convenient online platform

A Coach

Successful athletes accomplish their personal best by engaging a coach who can guide them in a process to achieve optimal performance.   Coaches help athletes set realistic goals, create a plan for achieving the goals and helping the athlete recognize the barriers to fully realizing their potential.  

Executive coaching is similar.  Successful leaders strive to realize their strengths, recognize and overcome weaknesses and create opportunities for growth.  This often requires the trained view of an observer or “guide” who can help the developing leader recognize the ways in which she or he can fully realized their potential.  

Benefits of Executive Coaching

  • Gain self awareness strategies to seed growth opportunities
  • Create confidence to recognize the important dynamic between strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhance ability to connect to others and inspire with “authenticity”
  • Better skills to accomplish organizational goals by recognizing and harnessing universal and individual motivation strategies 
  • A more Relationship-centered approach that applies not only to work, but also personal relationships


Looks like

  • Regularly scheduled meetings. Web-based video with flexible hours
  • Meaningful conversations that explore and create clarity around personal and professional goals
  • Specific problem solving that occur with reports, bosses or organizational systems
  • Select readings and discussions that speak to a topic important to the leader
  • An online process of tracking progress toward goals



  • $170 per session
    • For the executive who is still not sure if an extended engagement is right at this time
  • $135 per session with a minimum 6 sessions
  • Or other options can be discussed