Provider burnout creates an environment noticed by the patient and everyone in the organization

Learn what leads to burnout and ways to address it early
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Compassion fatigue is becoming more common as demands increase

Now more than ever, healthcare providers are faced with increasing demands to get better results.  This combined with an emphasis on Patient-Centered Care, creates a formula that is not sustainable.  Combatting the consequences of a rapidly evolving healthcare system requires a new set of skills that empower providers to be more present to the unique challenges in healthcare.  

With a deeper understanding of the root causes of burnout, providers and organization leaders can implement powerful changes to improve the environment and the level of care.


  • The root causes of provider burnout
  • The skills to deal with challenging patients, colleagues and processes
  • Self-awareness skills that maximize empathy but sets adequate boundaries
  • Communication skills that optimize successful relationships
  • Methods to decrease compassion fatigue